How to buy

How to buy products on our website

Sinergica isn't an e-commerce company, you will not find any procedure for the purchase of products online on this website or electronic shopping carts to fill.

Tools such as scales and measuring instruments and control must be fair to the reality in which they are used and the wide range of products very similar to each other often does not help; Our choice is to support users in selecting the best product and no longer meets actual needs in this regard please call us or write us to receive the necessary support. We love helping our customers to buy.

For all the products displayed is provided on the datasheet (or free on the site, or by opening a special PDF file under: Data Sheet Button under the image and description of each article).


cornetta BY PHONE:
you can call our Customer Service +39 085 445.88.15 (4 lines) and providing the VAT code of the Company, the name of the person making the order and a landline phone number for the confirmation of the purchase of any product, receiving additional information on the product and any other further clarification is necessary to purchase.

mail BY MAIL:
orders can be transmitted by e-mail address, with a written code of the article, Vat code of the Company, name of the person making the order and a landline phone number, you can fill out Information Request Form at the following link ORDER BY EMAIL

fax BY FAX:
orders can be transmitted by fax to +39 085.4680510 with the article code, the Company VAT code, the name of the person making the order and a landline telephone number;

For every order received by fax or e-mail we will send immediate confirmation of receipt of the order, to supply fair in the articles listed, the price indicated, the cost of transport if required and estimated delivery times. In case of telephone orders we'll confirm this information by telephone.


For many articles, especially on the industrial weighing area, the price is not indicated on the site; it comes to products with many customization possibilities because of the many versions, options and accessories can be connected and need technical arguments and advice.

For these items you can request a custom quote by filling out the information request form at this link: : CONTACT

providing the code number or by indicating as precisely as possible what you need. Sinergica will respond to all of your requests within 4 hours of receipt of the phone contacting request (if it has specifically requested in the section: Sinergica CALL YOU).